jokering for newbies

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jokering for newbies

Post by BaBy.j.3.s.U.s on Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:01 am

First thing you need is the controller address to find that set game pause to true. then exit your device then hold L and dont let it go then enter your device again. now go to find exact value and search in hex 0x00000100 that value is equal to L when you go to joker. then after your search is done EXIT THE DEVICE then dont hold anything. then go back into your device and search 0x00000000 in hex. repeat the process as many times as you need. now keep in mind some games have dmaed controller addresses like killzone liberation's controller address is double dmaed. you will know if it is dmaed if it works once but doesn't ever again. {note: if there are multiple results that wont go away test them all}
ok now what you need to know is how to put your address into "Real" addressing as you know nght pr and coderpr use "False" addressing. to get "Real" addressing of your code you want to joker add with a hex calculator 08800000 and you get the real addressing of the address you wish to joker.
ok now you need to know what is positive and negative in hex and how to spot it, dont get scared it isnt hard what tells us if the address is positive or negative is the last 4 digits of the hex of the code if it is from 0000 to 7F80 then the code is positive in witch case we do nothing. but if it is from 7F80 to FFFF then it is NEGATIVE in which we need to add 1 to the first half of the address like so 0x0893A020 the red digits are negative so what we do is we make the green go up by 1 digit so it becomes 0x0894A020. that way you wont freeze =].
now what you need are to know the values for jokering , cause if you dont know them then it has no point to learn to joker a code. here they are below SO YOU KNOW some of them you cant use with most structures unless you modify them. {but in this one i didnt list those ones so no worries}

Select button = 0001
Start button = 0008
Up D-Pad button = 0010
Right D-Pad button = 0020
Down D-Pad button = 0040
Left D-Pad button = 0080
Left trigger = 0100
Right trigger = 0200
Triangle button = 1000
Circle button = 2000
Cross button = 4000
Square button = 8000

-NOTE: not all games have the same buttons some are different. to find those all you have to do is set pause game to true and hit find unknown D-Word {32 bit search in night pr} then exit the device and hold L then Without letting go of L go back into the device and do a greater than search. then after it is done. exit night pr / coder pr. then search less. continue till you have the controller address from there you can find all the buttons


ok now onto the template {aka structure or method} now what is displayed here are commands in what is called mips, they tell the game what you want to do {in the simplest sense. how to convert them into HEX format you can use Ps2Dis .

here is a structure that you would use to joker {wile holding a button to be on} for a game that has no dmaed controller address {so you know make sure it is in a adress area that is all nops, {0x00000000}

{got it from xxsnipexx cause i couldent locate the text i had my own method in and i didnt feel like makeing a method just for this tut}

Lui t0 $(first half address +0880)
Lui t1 $(First half controller Address +0880)
lh t1 $(Second Half Of Controller Address)(t1)
ori t2 t2 $(Activation Value)
Bne t1 t2 $(Jumps to JR RA)
lui t3 $(First hacked value)
ori t3 t3 $(Second half Hacked Value)
sw t3 $(Last half of Address)(t0)
jr ra

note for the jump to jr ra you should first put in the commands into ps2 dis like this Bne t1 t2 $0000 and then copy the first 4 digits of the hex then count {not includeing the nop} down till you get there and it will become 0x152a0004


ok now you need to know what to put after the joker, what is needed after it is a hook. without it the code will not work, a hook can be eigther a jr ra , a j , or a jal

to find a hook all you need to do is search 0x03e00008 in hex in find exact value. then cancel it not long after you started it {ull have enough results} add alot of em to your device and edit the hex of them one by one till {result by result} till you freeze the address that freezes you can be used as a hook.

how you add a hook to your code, what you do is have the original address and put it after your jr ra and have its hex jal $(in real addressing the address your joker starts on} and that will be the hex of the hook.

if you did everything right then Congratulations you made a joker.

{if anything is wrong with the guide pm me or reply here}

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